Stargazer Barn Wins at North of the Gate Wine Competition 2017

Amy Nicole Marietta
award winning wine list

Each year, more than 300 wines are entered in the North of the Gate Wine Competition at the Sonoma-Marin County Fair to face fierce evaluation and appraisal by a nine-judge panel of sommeliers, connoisseurs, and veteran winemakers.  The competition is stiff, as this Wine Competition highlights the viticulture regions north of Sa


Flowers Packed With Care

Stargazer Barn
farm-fresh flowers

A bouquet of farm-fresh flowers which have been hand packed with care by the very people who tended and grew those flowers is the ultimate expression of quality. That quality is exactly what we offer from Stargazer Barn. We are one of the premier flower farms in California, and we take care to pack all our flowers, wine, and gifts to maintain maximum freshness and integrity. 


What is a Stargazer Lily

Bill Prescott
Mother's Day Flower Delivery

What is a Stargazer Lily?