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Flower Aromatherapy

Amy Nicole Marietta
Flowers for Stress Relief

Have you ever noticed your bouquet of Starfighters or White Cup Lilies smelling more sweetly in the evening as you relax? That's because of a fragrant compound called linalool--most lilies emit it, and often more intensely in the evening.  This little fragrant compound is extra-special because it boasts aromatherapeutic benefits.  The fragrance of flowers, specifically Oriental Lilies, is one big way we can decrease stress and increase feel-good feelings.


Hybrid Lilies Explained

Amy Nicole Marietta
Bright Yellow Bouquet

Nothing about the flowers Stargazer Barn grows is garden variety; our flowers are bred and grown to perform at the highest level. Our Yellow Diamond lilies are a prime example of a premium Longiflorum – Asiatic Hybrid Lily, commonly referred to as an “LA Hybrid.”

These lilies are a sight to behold. Compared to a traditional Asiatic Lily, LA Hybrids have:

•    Thicker petals.
•    Denser color saturation in the petals.
•    Larger buds.
•    Big burly stems.