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African Lady Lilies visit the P. Allen Smith Pumpkin House

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If you are looking for a lily to really add some pizzazz to your cut flower arrangements try adding African Lady, a new Oriental Trumpet hybrid with enormous blooms, vibrant colors and astonishing vase life.

With more than 100 different lily species available — and new varieties always under development — there are overwhelming options to choose from. One of the most in-demand varieties at the moment, and one of my personal favorites, is the Oriental Trumpet. The OT hybrids were developed to bring some beautiful fall colors to the lily palette. OT’s are known for their vibrant yellows, saturated reds, and deep oranges. They offer the all the great colors of the Trumpet lily with the recognizable shape, durability and longevity of the Oriental — a flawless union.

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The African Lady delights with some of the largest blooms and vibrant, striking colors available in a lily. The petals display an over-saturated dark red that is accented with bright yellow fringe for an over-the-top dramatic effect that makes this OT lily a stand-apart cut flower.

P. Allen Smith Pumpkin House

Fall is a great time to bring out the African Lady. I love the contrast between the deep reddish pink of this lily against the warm, orange of a pumpkin. I peppered the pumpkin house on Moss Mountain Farm with fresh stems to create a lively, fall look.

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This idea can be easily recreated in your own fall décor by gathering a group of these lilies and arranging them with a collection of your favorite heritage pumpkins and gourds. Use a variety of low and high vases to give variation in height to the lilies, and try to keep your groupings tight so as not to lose the full effect of the brilliant color contrast with the pumpkins.

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Place your arrangement in the most prominent area of your home whether it’s the front entryway table, the dining table or the mantle. You won’t want to hide this festive fall floral work of art!

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