Flower Gifts For Graduates

Bill Prescott
tulips and iris for graduation gifts

Graduation is one of the biggest accomplishments of a young adult as they have just completed one of the most meaningful milestones in their lives. Whether the student is graduating from College, High School, or Kindergarten it’s a time to celebrate and give a gift of accomplishment. For graduate students they have just completed years of studies and hard work that have brought them to this day. The final moments for a student are an emotional ride.


Visit the Lily Hoop House

Bill Prescott

Get out into our lily hoop house and see how we grow our Longiflorum Asiatic Hybrid lilies. This lily variety is Yellow Diamond and we grow it just about year-round.

Yellow Diamond lilies have a super long vase life and do not have a fragrance, so they are a perfect gift for the person who loves lilies but is allergic to the scent of traditonal Stargazer lilies.



Are Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Eco-Friendly?

Bill Prescott
Rainforest Alliance Valentine's Day Flowers

Flowers are all about the experience.  Perhaps no other gift engages your senses like a flower delivery. Part of this experience, is enjoying the scent and the joyful act of arranging the flowers in a vase.  Here on the farm, we love to get up close and personal with our flowers.  For that reason we’ve dedicated our business to making sure that our flowers are as safe, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Stargazer Barn
Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, Bette Middler

Growing up one of my favorite movies was The First Wives Club. I remember my mom commenting on what an odd choice it was for a nine year old, but there was something about women supporting women that really drew me in. Looking back at the movies and TV shows I have been obsessed with at various stages of my life, The First Wives Club doesn’t seem odd at all. It is merely one movie in a string of movies championing female empowerment and the value of friendship.

What the Heck Is Galentine’s Day?

Stargazer Barn
Amy Poehler

Fans of the TV show, Parks & Recreation have been celebrating (or at least have known about) Galentine’s Day for years. The holiday first came to be during an episode in 2010, when the show’s heroine, Leslie Knope proclaims February 13, a day for celebrating the joys of female friendship.

Send A Great Big XOXO For Valentine's Day

Stargazer Barn
Roses for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is almost here--a day to celebrate the one you love by showering them with a gift they'll love! This year we went all out with our largest bouquet ever of fancy tulips. We're talking about a massive and beautiful bouquet of 30 Crispa and Double Petal Fancy Tulips. Sending this very unique Valentine's Day bouquet to your sweetheart is a great way to show your love!

Pinot Under the Tree-O

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Wine on Amazon

Pinot Noir is the perfect wine to give as a gift. Why? Pinot Noir is one of the most versatile wines, so it pairs beautifully with a wide range of foods.  Our wine maker Wil Franklin specifically crafts all our wines to go with food. And Wil’s mantra is “What grows with it, goes with it.”

I Won't Be Home For The Holidays : Millennial Thanksgiving

Stargazer Barn
Thanksgiving Gift

Hear that sound? It’s my phone buzzing with the dreaded call from Mom inviting me to Thanksgiving.  Notice, I‘m not answering it.   Instead, I’m ordering a flower and wine delivery for her and Dad.

Wine and Flower Delivery

Stargazer Barn

Nearly every day we get a call asking if we offer a wine and flower delivery. Let’s save you a phone call, the answer is yes!  Stargazer Barn is unique in the online world, as we are literally a flower farm and a vineyard. This allows us to offer a wine and flower delivery in a many different options and configurations… all of them awesome!

There are many similarities between growing flowers and grapes. They need the proper climate and conditions, and a skilled grower. Wine and flowers also build deep connections with the people who enjoy them.

Back to School Flowers

Stargazer Barn

Where did summer go? Here at Stargazer Barn it seems we entered some sort of vortex that shot us out the other side of summer, way too soon.   Back to school is more than just the beginning of fall and another academic year. It’s a time for us parents to mark a milestone and embrace a new semester with new teachers, new friends and likely new routines.